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Paper L12

Paper L.12

Teacher's Questions:
1.How much is a pen?
2.Is there a bus in front of your house?
3.Are there any tickets in your backpack?
4.Is it 7 o'clock now?
5.Are you a ticket agent?
6.What time is it?
7.Are you dancing now?
8.Are you still studying lesson 12?

Teacher's Answers:
1.Yes, I am.
2.It's a quarter to 8.
3.There are 4 people.
4.It's only 12 reais.
5.I am still dancing.
6.This is New York.

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Papers L.9, L.10, L.11, L.12

Lesson 9
Teacher’s questions:
1. Is your birthday today?
2. How much is a baseball bat?
3. How much is a backpack?
4. Are new cars expensive or cheap?
5. And apples?
6. Is there a toy store around CCAA?
7. Are there books on sale at Siciliano?

Teacher’s answers:
1.Yes, it is my birthday party today.
2.A baseball bat is $20,25.
3.This videotape is $12,36.
4.Well, these robots are $49 dollars each.
5.They are Stela's pencils.
6.Maruzzia is over there.
7.No, those are my sister's video games.

Teacher’s requests:
1.Ask a question using "how much"
2.Ask a question using "how many"
3.Ask a question using "these"
4.Ask a question using "those"

Lesson 10
Teacher’s questions:
1.Is Rui Carneiro a quiet street?
2.Is Emanuele a quiet student?
3.Is it morning now?
4.Are our English classes in the morning?
5.Are you riding a bike now?
6.Are you answering or asking questions?
7.Is everything fine at home?
8.Are you studying English?

Teacher’s answers:
1.No, Epitácio Pessoa isn't quiet.
2.Yes, she is helping her mother.
3.No, he is asking questions.
4.My mother is reading the newspaper.
5.I'm washing my van.
6.We are swimming at Mr. Bing's pool.
7.No, my brother is studying with his friends.
8.They are riding their bikes.

Teacher’s requests:
1.Ask a question using "doing"
2.Ask a question using "studying"
3.Ask a question using "What about...?"
4.Ask a question using "washing"

Lesson 11
Teacher’s questions:
1.Are you ready to go home?
2.Are you ready for a party?
3.What clothes are you wearing?
4.Are suits expensive or cheap?
5.What about T-shirts?
6.Are your clothes OK for a party?
7.Are your clothes OK for a Halloween party?

Teacher’s answers:
1.No, these red shoes are not OK for the party.
2.No, but those clothes are cheap.
3.His dad's car is red.
4.Her bike is white and black.
5.No, they are all wearing costumes.
6.No, he is wearing a black T-shirt.
7.Sally's pants are red, yellow and green.

Teacher’s requests:
1.Ask a question using "what color"
2.Ask a question using "wearing"


Teen 2 (Saturday): A última aula do semestre é dia 12/12 e as provas (oral e escrita) serão dia 19/12. Então dia 12/12 levem todos os exercícios para que vocês estejam aptos para a prova.

Teen 2 (Monday/Wednesday): A prova escrita será dia 21/12 e a prova oral será dia 16/12. A entrega de exercícios será feita até o dia 14/12 e a entrega dos presentes também. =D

Paper L. 23 e Paper L.24

Lesson 23

A)Teacher's questions:
1.Are you on a diet?
2.Is there anything to eat in your fridge?
3.Do you want something to eat?
4.I don't have anything to do tonight. What about you?
5.Do you like to have vegetable soup for dinner?
6.Can you fix bikes?
7.Do you fix things at home?
8.Are you saving money? What for?
9.Do you have a skateboard?
10.Do you put away your things at home?

B)Teacher's answers:
1.No, I'm going to fix the car.
2.Because he is going to buy a skateboard.
3.Yes, there's steak and some vegetables there.
4.I don't know. Take a look in the fridge.
5.No there isn't anything on her desk.

C)Teacher's requests:
1.Ask a question using "something"
2.Ask a question using "anything"
3.Ask Matheus if he is on a diet.
4.Ask Edinaldo if he can fix cars.
5.Ask Igor if he has a skateboard.

Lesson 24
A)Teacher's questions:
1.Do you like to go to the movies?
2.Is there a movie theater near your house?
3.Are you going to call a friend now?
4.Is your birthday a special day for you?
5.What is your favorite magazine?
6.Tell me two rock magazines.
7.Do you think Capricho is a neat magazine?
8.Is GOLF a neat car?
9.Does your father have a lot of tools?

B)Teacher's answers:
1.Sounds good!
2.BoxCinemas is a great movie theater.
3.I am going to call my sister now.
4.Yes, today is my birthday.
5.This is my baggage.
6.I prefer rock magazines.
7.They are in the toolbox.
8.Let's get to it.

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Paper L.21 e L.22

Paper Lesson 21
Teacher’s questions:
1. Does your father like all kinds of sports?
2. Do you like to roller-skate?
3. Can people roller-skate in the snow?
4. What do you generally do after dinner?
5. Do you often watch TV after dinner?
6. Do you generally do your homework before your favorite TV program?
7. Are you tired?
8. Do you exercise every day?
9. Which kind of flower do you prefer? Tulips or roses?
10. Do you know how to cook?

Teacher’s answers:
1. Swimming is a summer sport.
2. I do my homework after Jornal Nacional.
3. I often study at 8 o'clock.
4. I have dinner before 'Viver a Vida'.
5. No, I never exercise.
6. Yes, he is a great athlete.
7. I always have one bowl of ice cream.
8. No, I can't cook.
9. No, I don't know how to play soccer.

Teacher’s requests:
1. Ask a question using "which".
2. Ask a question using "to know how to".
3. Ask Carol if she is tired.

Paper Lesson 22
Teacher’s questions:
1. When is our net class going to be?
2. Are you going tot ravel net week?
3. Do you prefer to travel by bus or by car?
4. What are you going to do tomorrow afternoon?
5. Are you going to rest when you arrive home tonight?
6. Do you like to camp out?
7. Do you study at a college?
8. When are you going to come back to CCAA?

Teacher’s answers:
1. Yes, we are going to study tonight.
2. No, they are not going to camp out.
3. No, my sister is oing to travel tomorrow morning.
4. My sisters and my friends are going with me.
5. We're going by plane.
6. We're going to come back net week.
7. Tomorrow afternoon.
8. I am going to rest.

Teacher’s requests:
1. Ask a question using "going to"
2. Ask Bianca if she is going to rest after the class.
3. Ask Pedro if he is going to the beach this weekend.

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Teen 2 - Paper L. 20

Paper Lesson 20
Teacher’s questions:
1. In the lesson, what day is it?
2. In the lesson, is Alice happy?
3. When is Valentine’s Day in Brazil?
4. Do you have a puppy?
5. Does your sister have a watch?
6. Does your mother need a new mixer?
7. Does your brother like to swim?
8. Does your mother like flowers? Does she like roses and tulips?
9. Do you have a garden?
10.Do you usually have good ideas?

Teacher’s answers:
1. Yes, he does.
2. Yes, she does.
3. No he doesn’t. He hates Flamengo.
4. She needs a new watch.
5. Yes, I have two kittens.
6. No, she doesn’t. She hates milk.
7. Yes, she does. She loves flowers.

Teacher’s requests:
1. Ask a question using “to like”.
2. Ask a question using “to need”.
3. Ask Rafaela if her mother likes flowers.
4. Ask Laís if she has a kitten.
5. Ask Raoni if his father needs a new car.

Teen 1

Paper Lesson 7
Teacher’s questions:
1. Are you hungry?
2. Is there a fast-food restaurant in front of your house?
3. Is there a shopping mall in front of CCAA?
4. Is there a pool in your house?
5. Are you thirsty?
6. Are you hungry or thirsty?
7. Are you starving?
8. Is there a sandwich on my desk?
9. Is there a book on your desk?
10. Is there a blackboard in the classroom?

Teacher’s answers:
1. Yes, I’m hungry.
2. Yes, I’m very thirsty.
3. I’m really hungry.
4. Yes, there is.
5. No, there isn’t.
6. Yes, there is one on my desk.
7. Yes, there is one in front of my house.
8. Two large Cokes.

Teacher’s requests:
1. Ask a question using “is there”.
2. Ask a question using ”how many”.
3. Ask Doug if he is hungry.
4. Ask Jean if she is thirsty.
5. Ask Stela if there is an apple on her desk.

Paper Lesson 8
Teacher’s questions:
1. Who’s your dad?
2. What’s your dad’s full name?
3. What’s your mom’s full name?
4. Are there any books on my desk?
5. Are there any newspaper on my desk?
6. How many dogs are there in the classroom? (use ANY)
7. How many cups of coffee are there on your desk?
8. What’s on my desk? (use THERE IS/ARE)
9. Is Jornal daParaíba a newspaper?
10. Angelica is cute. And Juliana Paes?

Teacher’s answers:
1. My dad’s name is Kenneth.
2. He is my father.
3. My mom’s name is Walkíria.
4. No, my mother is not home today.
5. Yes, there are some.
6. No, there aren’t any.
7. She is my mom.
8. There aren’t any cups of coffee on my desk.

Teacher’s requests:
1. Ask a question using “are there”.
2. Ask a question using “any”.
3. Ask a question using “how many”.
4. Ask Carlos who his dad is.
5. Ask Amanda if there are any doughnuts on her desk.

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Para todos os alunos que farão reposição na sexta ou no sábado: entregar todos os exercicios (cw, paper e rewritings) até amanha (18/11).

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Papers TEEN 1

Segue os papers da lição 1 e 2 para aqueles que não têm.

Lesson 1

Teacher's Questions:
1.How are you?
2.Is Stela fine?
3.Are you fine?
4.How do you say "caneta" in English?
5.How do you say "carteira" [da sala de aula] in English?

Teacher's Answers:
1.I'm fine.
2.Sure, come on in.
3.You say "apple".
4.You're welcome.
5.Graça is fine.

Teacher's Requests:
1.Ask Daniel "how are you?".
2.Ask Tom a question.
3.Ask Amanda to sit down.
4.Ask Chris how Lucy is.
5.Ask Carlos "what's the meaning of 'listen'?".

Lesson 2

Teacher's questions:
1.Is your name Xuxa?
2.What is your name?
3.Are you Canadian?
4.Are you from the United States?
5.Are you in your house?
6.Where is Daniel from?
7.What is your neighbor's name?
8.Is that your book?
9.Are you my neighbor?
10.Is this your notebook?

Teacher's Answers:
1.My name is Nathalie.
2.No, I'm Daniel.
3.I'm Brazilian.
4.Yes, I am.
5.No, I'm Canadian.
6.It's a pen.
7.Glória is from Rio.
8.Yes, that is Stela.
9.Yes, my name is John.
10.Yes, Rodrigo is my neighbor.

Teacher's Requests:
1.Ask Carol a question using "are you".
2.Ask me a question using "is this".
3.Ask Alice a question using "is that".
4.Ask Tom where he is from.
5.Ask Jean if she is your neighbor.

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TEEN 2 SABADO: Todos os exercícios da liçao 13 a liçao 18 devem ser entregues até dia 07/11. Se não, não farão prova no dia 14/11.

TEEN 2 SEG/QUA: Todos os exercícios da liçao 13 a liçao 18 devem ser entregues até dia 04/11. Se não, não farão prova no dia 09/11.

TEEN 1 SABADO: Todos os exercícios da liçao 1 a liçao 6 devem ser entregues até dia 07/11. Se não, não farão prova no dia 14/11.

Qualquer dúvida: nathalie_wood21@hotmail.com

Paper L.19

Hey, Teen 2! How are you? Here is your paper! Have fun ;D

Teacher's Questions
1. Is hot or cold today?
2. Do you prefer hot or cold weather?
3. What do you usually do during the summer?
4. When do you go to the beach?
5. What are the seasons of the year?
6. How many months are there in a year?
7. What do want to have for dinner tonight?
8. Is August the seventh or the eighth month of the year?

Teacher's answers
1. Cold? It's freezing.
2. Yes, but I prefer hot weather.
3. From September to April.
4. They're spring, summer, fall and winter.
5. I want to go to BoxCinemas.
6. It's August.
7. There are twelve.
8. Yes, and the girls wear bikinis.

Teacher's requests
1. Ask Jean if the girls wear bikinis in the winter.
2. Ask a question using the verb "to prefer".
3. Ask a question using the verb "to like".
4. Ask a question using the verb "to want".
5. Ask a question using the verb "ta know".

TN1 Papers

Entregar exercicios até dia 07/11, ok?


Teacher's Questions
1. Are you and your friends my students?
2. Are you and your friends Americans?
3. Is your house full of dogs?
4. Are you ready for teen 2?
5. Is Mag Shopping in front of Kadosh?
6. Where is CCAA?
7. Are Ronaldo and Kaka volleyball players?
8. Is you backpack full of sandwiches?

Teacher's Answers
1. Yes, I'm ready for CCAA.
2. No, I'm ready for school.
3. Yes, they are.
4. My pencil is here.
5. Bob and Mike are over there.
6. He is our friend.
7. The school is in front of the stadium.
8. The school is in front of the stadium.
9. The school is in front of the stadium.
10. Yes, my backpack is full of books.

Teacher's Requests
1. Ask a question using "are they".
2. Ask a question using "are we".
3. Ask a question using "are you (plural)"
4. Ask a question using "where".

Teacher's Questions
1. Is Lula American?
2. Is this exercise for lesson 6?
3. Are you tall or short?
4. Am I tall or short?
5. Is your neighbor fat or thin?
6. Are you twelve?
7. Is your house ugly?
8. What color are Daniel eyes?
9. How old are you?
10. How old is the teacher?

Teacher's Answers
1. Yes, I'm tall.
2. He is blond.
3. No, she isn't cute.
4. Michael Jackson is thin.
5. They are blue.
6. It's blue.
7. No, my sister is fat.
8. My brother is 12.
9. No, I'm 18.

Teacher's Requests
1. Ask Charlie where he is from.
2. Ask Sally where she is.
3. Ask Doug how old he is.
4. Ask Daniel if his eyes are blue.
5. Ask Jean if she is blond or brunette.

Teacher's Questions
1. Are you and your friends my students or Edja's?
2. Whose notebook is this?
3. Whose sister is Alice?
4. Is your neighbor's car beautiful?
5. Is your brother/sister home?
6. What are Celta and Gol?
7. Let's swim in the pool.
8. Are you guys afraid of dogs?

Teacher's Answers
1. This is my book.
2. That's Mr. Strickland's van.
3. That's his backpack.
4. He's her brother.
5. Yes, it's really beautiful.
6. Andreza is over there.
7. No way, I'm afraid of water.
8. Their pool is over there.
9. Yes, their apartment is great.
10. Ok. Let's!

Teacher's Requests
1. Ask Daniel if his dog is beautiful.
2. Ask me if my sister is home.
3. Ask Helen if she is afraid of dogs.
4. Ask a question using "whose".
5. Ask a question using "where".

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Hey students,

Sábado dia 24/10 não haverá provas
terá aula normal, ok?

see you, guys!

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Paper L.18

Hello guys! Here is your paper, ok?
Do all the exercices before the test!

A) Teacher's questions
1. What are the days of the week?
2. Do you have a busy week?
3. Do you always walk to CCAA?
4. When do you have CCAA classes?
5. What time do you leave home to go to school?
6. Do you stay home on weekends?
7. What do you do on Mondays?
8. Do you have lots of things to do during the week?
9. Do you go to CCAA every week?
10. What time do you get home from CCAA?

B) Teacher's answers
1. Yes, I am usually busy during the week.
2. I always leave home at 7.
3. I wake up at six, walk to UFPB and get home at four.
4. I visit my grandparents on Sundays.
5. No, Monday is the second day of the week.
6. No, I never study on Saturdays.
7. I generally wake up at 8.
8. At about 7.
9. I get home from CCAA at 12.
10. I usually play tennis on Fridays.

C) Teacher's requests
1. Ask Jean what the days of the week are.
2. Ask Helen if she is usually home on weekends.
3. Ask Daniel if his mother is busy every day.
4. Ask Carlos is he is busy every week.
5. Ask Dave if he has English class on Sundays.

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Teen 2 [Saturday]: Próxima aula terá revisão para a prova, então não faltem, ok?

Teen 2 [Mon/ Wed]: Quarta tem a festa no fim da aula. Não se esqueçam de levar as coisas que foram divididas.

Teen 1 [Saturday]: Dia 17 não haverá aula por causa da festa do dia das crianças. Dia 22 tem aula extra, levem TODOS os livros. Faremos exercícios revisão para a prova.

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Tn 1 students

Welcome to my blog students! Here is your paper
Lesson 3

A)Teacher's questions
1.What is your phone number?
2.Is Jean Daniel's sister or Charlie's sister?
3.And Alice?
4.Who is Sandy's brother?
5.And who is Leroy?
6.Is your sister fine?
7.Is Ronaldo a soccer player or a basketball player?
8.Is Giba a good volleyball player?
9.Is Carolina Dickman cute?
10.Is your CCAA book new?

B)Teacher's answers:
1.It's 5559264.
2.She is fine, thanks;
3.Yes, he is.
4.No, he is John.
5.She is Carol.
6.She is my friend.
7.Doug is.
8.Yes, he is a great soccer player.
9.She is Daniel's sister.
10.No, she is a great basketball player.

C)Teacher's requests:
1.Ask Virginia a question using "who"
2.Ask Amanda a question using "is this"
3.Ask Brenda a question using "is that"
4.Ask Bianca a question using "is he"
5.Ask Carlos a question using "is she"

Lesson 17

Paper: lesson 17

a)Teacher's questions:
1.How many children does Mrs. Robinson have?
2.How many daughters and sons does your mother have?
3.Is the teacher a nice person?
4.Do you always have steak for dinner?
5.How many aunts do you have?
6.What's Doug's uncle's name?
7.Is your house near CCAA?
8.Is Mangabeira near the beach?
9.Do you have a lot of pets?
10.CCAA is near Bugu. Is Manaíra Shopping also near CCAA?

b)Teacher's answers:
1.She just has one child.
2.I have two daughters.
3.No, she is a really nice student.
4.My mixer is at Aunt Wilma's house.
5.No, it isn't. 'Ronaldao' is far from the church.
6.We have fish, mashed potatoes and corn for dinner.
7.That is a pet shop.
8.I have three birds and a small fish.
9.Yes, it is near the bus stop.
10.Yes, I do. I also have three pens.

c) Teacher’s requests:
1. Ask David how many children Mrs. Robinson has.
2. Ask Mrs. Brown if she has a daughter.
3. Ask Amanda if her house is far from CCAA.
4. Ask Juliana how many aunts and uncles she has.
5. Ask me what the Browns have for dinner.

Seg/Qua 05/10
Sab 10/10

Paper L.16

Here is your paper:

Paper L.16

A) Teacher's questions:
1. Why are you writing in English?

2. In the lesson, is Steve speaking low?

3. Do you have a sore throat?

4. Does your mother have many dresses?

5. Does your father’s car have a CD player?

6. Does your house have an alarm system?

7. In the lesson, can Cathy come out and play? Why?

8. Do you always have a lot of homework to do?

B) Teacher's answers:
1. Because I am an English teacher.

2. Because I am hungry.

3. Yes, he does.

4. No she doesn’t.

5. She has a brother, but she doesn’t have a sister.

6. I’m awfully sorry, dear, but you can’t.

7. Yes, he does, and his car is brand-new.

8. Yes, she has many pets.

C) Teacher's requests:
1. Ask Cindy how many books she has.

2. Ask Lucy if she has a brand-new DVD player.

3. Ask Helen what Jean has in her backpack.

4. Ask Milton if his brother have a CD player.

5. Ask me if I have a sore throat.

Seg/Qua: 05/10

Sab: 10/10

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Paper L.15

Teacher's questions
1. Is there a good show on Tv tonight?
2.How much is a ticket for Banda Eva's concert?
3.Do you have enough money to buy a car?
4.Do you have enough money to buy a Big-Big?
5.Where are Rafaela and Bianca? (Use 'right')
6.Are you always broke?
7.Are there any trees in front of CCAA?
8.I don't have a pencil. Can you lend me one?
9.Can you lend me two hundred reias?
10.In the lesson, Daniel and Alice don't have enough money for their tickets. What about Dave and Mike?

Teacher's answers
1.Yes, it is tonight.
2.That's twelve bucks.
3.No, I don't have enough money for that.
4.They are in the other classroom.
5.Yes, I do.
6.No, I don't
7.Yes, I am always hungry.
8.I don't have any books either.
9.That's a great idea!
10.No, we don't. We only have money for three tickets.

Teacher's requests
1.Ask Mike and Dave if they have enough money to buy a car.
2.Ask Jean if she is broke.
3.Ask Mark if he can lend you his book.
4.Ask Carla is she is speaking English in class only today.
5.Ask Tom if his birthday party is tonight.

Have fun!
Sab: 05/09/2009
Seg/Qua: 09/09/2009

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Quem quer vender?

Eu conheço gente que tá procurando livro do Tn1 pra comprar...quem quiser vender comenta aqui, ok? ou me manda um email...

Thanks, guys

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Paper L.14

A. Teacher's questions
1.Do you have any paper?
2.How many English books do you have?
3.Is English easy or difficult?
4.My classes at UFPB begin at 7am. What about your classes here?
5.Who is first at teacher's list?
6.Do you have a car?
7.Are you all right?
8.Are you all set for lesson 19?
9.In the lesson, what is the first word?
10.Is it difficult to spell the word 'Strickland'?

B. Teacher's answers
1.No, I'm reading today's paper.
2.Yes, I have two sheets of paper.
3.Yes, I do. My dog's name is Fox.
4.No, I don't. But I have a sister.
6.My word is 'church'.
7.I'm all right.
8.They begin at 6pm.
9.Sally is the third kid.
10.No, she isn't. She is a terror.

C. Teacher's requests
1.Ask Daniel to spell his second name.
2.Ask Charlie if we are playing a spelling game now.
3.Ask Sally what the kids in the lesson are doing.
4.Ask Jean if Leroy and Doug are all set for the picnic.
5.Ask Helen if Bianca and Brendha have classes today.

That's your paper, all right?
Sabado: 22/08/09
Seg/Qua: 26/08/09

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Paper lesson 13

Good morning, Magic Eyes! How are you?
This is your paper, ok?

A. Teacher's Questions
1.Is your father a tall man?
2.Is your mother a beautiful woman?
3.Is 'The Robot Invasion' a science fiction movie?
4.How much is a ticket at BOXCINEMAS?
5.Is Matrix a horror or a science fiction movie?
6.Is there a good movie at BOXCINEMAS?
7.Is your CCAA teacher a man or a woman?
8.What's your occupation?
9.Is your father a photographer?
10.Are you a car salesman?

B. Teacher's Answers
1.I'm watching a movie.
2.Yes, there is one at Manaíra Shopping.
3.It's a man.
4.No, he's a doctor.
5.I'm getting five hot dogs.
6.They're here in my backpack.
7.They're my tickets.
8.He is a photographer.
9.It's Daniel's luggage.
10.Yes, there is one at Forrock.

C. Teacher's Requests
1. Ask Cindy what her favorite movie is.
2.Aks Nick if his father is a salesman.
3.Ask Jean if she is a tall woman.
4.Ask John what his tickets are for.
5.Ask Mary what her occupation is.

Datas de entrega:
Seg/Qua: 17/08
Sab: 15/08

Qualquer dúvida: nathalie_wood21@hotmail.com

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Hi, TN 2 students!

Hey, guys! How are you?
Eu vou colocar os 'papers' de vocês postados nesse blog, ok? Quem quiser eu mando por email, mas precisam me avisar.
Alguns lembretes:
1. Vocês precisam ter um caderno pra escrever tanto os papers [enunciados e respostas] quanto as 'rewritings of the story'
2. A entrega dos exercicios do CW, rewritings e papers será para uma semana depois que eu acabar a lição
3. Não atrasem exercícios, ok?

bye ;)