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Papers TEEN 1

Segue os papers da lição 1 e 2 para aqueles que não têm.

Lesson 1

Teacher's Questions:
1.How are you?
2.Is Stela fine?
3.Are you fine?
4.How do you say "caneta" in English?
5.How do you say "carteira" [da sala de aula] in English?

Teacher's Answers:
1.I'm fine.
2.Sure, come on in.
3.You say "apple".
4.You're welcome.
5.Graça is fine.

Teacher's Requests:
1.Ask Daniel "how are you?".
2.Ask Tom a question.
3.Ask Amanda to sit down.
4.Ask Chris how Lucy is.
5.Ask Carlos "what's the meaning of 'listen'?".

Lesson 2

Teacher's questions:
1.Is your name Xuxa?
2.What is your name?
3.Are you Canadian?
4.Are you from the United States?
5.Are you in your house?
6.Where is Daniel from?
7.What is your neighbor's name?
8.Is that your book?
9.Are you my neighbor?
10.Is this your notebook?

Teacher's Answers:
1.My name is Nathalie.
2.No, I'm Daniel.
3.I'm Brazilian.
4.Yes, I am.
5.No, I'm Canadian.
6.It's a pen.
7.Glória is from Rio.
8.Yes, that is Stela.
9.Yes, my name is John.
10.Yes, Rodrigo is my neighbor.

Teacher's Requests:
1.Ask Carol a question using "are you".
2.Ask me a question using "is this".
3.Ask Alice a question using "is that".
4.Ask Tom where he is from.
5.Ask Jean if she is your neighbor.

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