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Lesson 17

Paper: lesson 17

a)Teacher's questions:
1.How many children does Mrs. Robinson have?
2.How many daughters and sons does your mother have?
3.Is the teacher a nice person?
4.Do you always have steak for dinner?
5.How many aunts do you have?
6.What's Doug's uncle's name?
7.Is your house near CCAA?
8.Is Mangabeira near the beach?
9.Do you have a lot of pets?
10.CCAA is near Bugu. Is Manaíra Shopping also near CCAA?

b)Teacher's answers:
1.She just has one child.
2.I have two daughters.
3.No, she is a really nice student.
4.My mixer is at Aunt Wilma's house.
5.No, it isn't. 'Ronaldao' is far from the church.
6.We have fish, mashed potatoes and corn for dinner.
7.That is a pet shop.
8.I have three birds and a small fish.
9.Yes, it is near the bus stop.
10.Yes, I do. I also have three pens.

c) Teacher’s requests:
1. Ask David how many children Mrs. Robinson has.
2. Ask Mrs. Brown if she has a daughter.
3. Ask Amanda if her house is far from CCAA.
4. Ask Juliana how many aunts and uncles she has.
5. Ask me what the Browns have for dinner.

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