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Teen 1

Paper Lesson 7
Teacher’s questions:
1. Are you hungry?
2. Is there a fast-food restaurant in front of your house?
3. Is there a shopping mall in front of CCAA?
4. Is there a pool in your house?
5. Are you thirsty?
6. Are you hungry or thirsty?
7. Are you starving?
8. Is there a sandwich on my desk?
9. Is there a book on your desk?
10. Is there a blackboard in the classroom?

Teacher’s answers:
1. Yes, I’m hungry.
2. Yes, I’m very thirsty.
3. I’m really hungry.
4. Yes, there is.
5. No, there isn’t.
6. Yes, there is one on my desk.
7. Yes, there is one in front of my house.
8. Two large Cokes.

Teacher’s requests:
1. Ask a question using “is there”.
2. Ask a question using ”how many”.
3. Ask Doug if he is hungry.
4. Ask Jean if she is thirsty.
5. Ask Stela if there is an apple on her desk.

Paper Lesson 8
Teacher’s questions:
1. Who’s your dad?
2. What’s your dad’s full name?
3. What’s your mom’s full name?
4. Are there any books on my desk?
5. Are there any newspaper on my desk?
6. How many dogs are there in the classroom? (use ANY)
7. How many cups of coffee are there on your desk?
8. What’s on my desk? (use THERE IS/ARE)
9. Is Jornal daParaíba a newspaper?
10. Angelica is cute. And Juliana Paes?

Teacher’s answers:
1. My dad’s name is Kenneth.
2. He is my father.
3. My mom’s name is Walkíria.
4. No, my mother is not home today.
5. Yes, there are some.
6. No, there aren’t any.
7. She is my mom.
8. There aren’t any cups of coffee on my desk.

Teacher’s requests:
1. Ask a question using “are there”.
2. Ask a question using “any”.
3. Ask a question using “how many”.
4. Ask Carlos who his dad is.
5. Ask Amanda if there are any doughnuts on her desk.

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