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Paper L.16

Here is your paper:

Paper L.16

A) Teacher's questions:
1. Why are you writing in English?

2. In the lesson, is Steve speaking low?

3. Do you have a sore throat?

4. Does your mother have many dresses?

5. Does your father’s car have a CD player?

6. Does your house have an alarm system?

7. In the lesson, can Cathy come out and play? Why?

8. Do you always have a lot of homework to do?

B) Teacher's answers:
1. Because I am an English teacher.

2. Because I am hungry.

3. Yes, he does.

4. No she doesn’t.

5. She has a brother, but she doesn’t have a sister.

6. I’m awfully sorry, dear, but you can’t.

7. Yes, he does, and his car is brand-new.

8. Yes, she has many pets.

C) Teacher's requests:
1. Ask Cindy how many books she has.

2. Ask Lucy if she has a brand-new DVD player.

3. Ask Helen what Jean has in her backpack.

4. Ask Milton if his brother have a CD player.

5. Ask me if I have a sore throat.

Seg/Qua: 05/10

Sab: 10/10

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