quarta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2009

Paper L.15

Teacher's questions
1. Is there a good show on Tv tonight?
2.How much is a ticket for Banda Eva's concert?
3.Do you have enough money to buy a car?
4.Do you have enough money to buy a Big-Big?
5.Where are Rafaela and Bianca? (Use 'right')
6.Are you always broke?
7.Are there any trees in front of CCAA?
8.I don't have a pencil. Can you lend me one?
9.Can you lend me two hundred reias?
10.In the lesson, Daniel and Alice don't have enough money for their tickets. What about Dave and Mike?

Teacher's answers
1.Yes, it is tonight.
2.That's twelve bucks.
3.No, I don't have enough money for that.
4.They are in the other classroom.
5.Yes, I do.
6.No, I don't
7.Yes, I am always hungry.
8.I don't have any books either.
9.That's a great idea!
10.No, we don't. We only have money for three tickets.

Teacher's requests
1.Ask Mike and Dave if they have enough money to buy a car.
2.Ask Jean if she is broke.
3.Ask Mark if he can lend you his book.
4.Ask Carla is she is speaking English in class only today.
5.Ask Tom if his birthday party is tonight.

Have fun!
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