terça-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2009

Paper L. 23 e Paper L.24

Lesson 23

A)Teacher's questions:
1.Are you on a diet?
2.Is there anything to eat in your fridge?
3.Do you want something to eat?
4.I don't have anything to do tonight. What about you?
5.Do you like to have vegetable soup for dinner?
6.Can you fix bikes?
7.Do you fix things at home?
8.Are you saving money? What for?
9.Do you have a skateboard?
10.Do you put away your things at home?

B)Teacher's answers:
1.No, I'm going to fix the car.
2.Because he is going to buy a skateboard.
3.Yes, there's steak and some vegetables there.
4.I don't know. Take a look in the fridge.
5.No there isn't anything on her desk.

C)Teacher's requests:
1.Ask a question using "something"
2.Ask a question using "anything"
3.Ask Matheus if he is on a diet.
4.Ask Edinaldo if he can fix cars.
5.Ask Igor if he has a skateboard.

Lesson 24
A)Teacher's questions:
1.Do you like to go to the movies?
2.Is there a movie theater near your house?
3.Are you going to call a friend now?
4.Is your birthday a special day for you?
5.What is your favorite magazine?
6.Tell me two rock magazines.
7.Do you think Capricho is a neat magazine?
8.Is GOLF a neat car?
9.Does your father have a lot of tools?

B)Teacher's answers:
1.Sounds good!
2.BoxCinemas is a great movie theater.
3.I am going to call my sister now.
4.Yes, today is my birthday.
5.This is my baggage.
6.I prefer rock magazines.
7.They are in the toolbox.
8.Let's get to it.

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