sexta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2009

Paper L.18

Hello guys! Here is your paper, ok?
Do all the exercices before the test!

A) Teacher's questions
1. What are the days of the week?
2. Do you have a busy week?
3. Do you always walk to CCAA?
4. When do you have CCAA classes?
5. What time do you leave home to go to school?
6. Do you stay home on weekends?
7. What do you do on Mondays?
8. Do you have lots of things to do during the week?
9. Do you go to CCAA every week?
10. What time do you get home from CCAA?

B) Teacher's answers
1. Yes, I am usually busy during the week.
2. I always leave home at 7.
3. I wake up at six, walk to UFPB and get home at four.
4. I visit my grandparents on Sundays.
5. No, Monday is the second day of the week.
6. No, I never study on Saturdays.
7. I generally wake up at 8.
8. At about 7.
9. I get home from CCAA at 12.
10. I usually play tennis on Fridays.

C) Teacher's requests
1. Ask Jean what the days of the week are.
2. Ask Helen if she is usually home on weekends.
3. Ask Daniel if his mother is busy every day.
4. Ask Carlos is he is busy every week.
5. Ask Dave if he has English class on Sundays.

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