terça-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2009

Papers L.9, L.10, L.11, L.12

Lesson 9
Teacher’s questions:
1. Is your birthday today?
2. How much is a baseball bat?
3. How much is a backpack?
4. Are new cars expensive or cheap?
5. And apples?
6. Is there a toy store around CCAA?
7. Are there books on sale at Siciliano?

Teacher’s answers:
1.Yes, it is my birthday party today.
2.A baseball bat is $20,25.
3.This videotape is $12,36.
4.Well, these robots are $49 dollars each.
5.They are Stela's pencils.
6.Maruzzia is over there.
7.No, those are my sister's video games.

Teacher’s requests:
1.Ask a question using "how much"
2.Ask a question using "how many"
3.Ask a question using "these"
4.Ask a question using "those"

Lesson 10
Teacher’s questions:
1.Is Rui Carneiro a quiet street?
2.Is Emanuele a quiet student?
3.Is it morning now?
4.Are our English classes in the morning?
5.Are you riding a bike now?
6.Are you answering or asking questions?
7.Is everything fine at home?
8.Are you studying English?

Teacher’s answers:
1.No, Epitácio Pessoa isn't quiet.
2.Yes, she is helping her mother.
3.No, he is asking questions.
4.My mother is reading the newspaper.
5.I'm washing my van.
6.We are swimming at Mr. Bing's pool.
7.No, my brother is studying with his friends.
8.They are riding their bikes.

Teacher’s requests:
1.Ask a question using "doing"
2.Ask a question using "studying"
3.Ask a question using "What about...?"
4.Ask a question using "washing"

Lesson 11
Teacher’s questions:
1.Are you ready to go home?
2.Are you ready for a party?
3.What clothes are you wearing?
4.Are suits expensive or cheap?
5.What about T-shirts?
6.Are your clothes OK for a party?
7.Are your clothes OK for a Halloween party?

Teacher’s answers:
1.No, these red shoes are not OK for the party.
2.No, but those clothes are cheap.
3.His dad's car is red.
4.Her bike is white and black.
5.No, they are all wearing costumes.
6.No, he is wearing a black T-shirt.
7.Sally's pants are red, yellow and green.

Teacher’s requests:
1.Ask a question using "what color"
2.Ask a question using "wearing"

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