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Paper L.45

A)Teacher's questions:
1. If you win the lottery, what will you do?
2. If you travel to the States, will you pick someone to go with you?
3. Where will you go if you win a lot of money?
4. Would you like to take a trip to Asia?
5. Do you often buy lottery tickets?
6. When was the last time you got a prize?
7. Where would you prefer to go, to Africa or to Europe?
8. If I tell you that I have a difficult test tomorrow, what will you say to me?

B)Teacher's answers:
1. If win the lottery, I will go to Asia and then to Europe.
2. Asia is.
3. No, Africa is larger than Europe.
4. He'll buy a lot of things.
5. No, I won't. I will take a trip to North America.
6. No, I will have to pick someone else.
7. I bought a lottery ticket yesterday.
8. The first prize is 2,000,000 dollars.

C)Teacher's requests:
1. Ask a question using the first If-clause (If I win...I will buy...)
2. Ask Adriana what she will do if she wins the lottery.
3. Ask Daniel where will he go if he wins a lot of money.
4. Ask Amanda if she would like to take a trip with you.
5. Ask Andhre if he asks someone to help him when he is in a difficult situation.

Paper L.43

A)Teacher's questions:
1. When was the last time you went to a party? How was it?
2. When did your mother last buy a new purse?
3. Were any of your things missing when you arrived home yesterday?
4. Do you prefer pepperoni, mushroom or cheese pizza?
5. When do you feel embarassed?
6. Do you like it when people turn up at your house?
7. When was the last time you had a problem? Did everything turned out ok?
8. Is there an absent-minded person in your family?

B)Teacher's answers:
1. It was pretty good.
2. Yes, she could.
3. Yes, everything turned out OK.
4. No, it's theirs.
5. No, it's mine.
6. Except for the music, everything was bad.
7. Sorry, I took it by mistake.

Paper L.32

A)Teacher's questions:
1. Did you have a date last night?
2. In the lesson, what street did Charlie and Jean walk along?
3. What did Charlie and Jean discover?
4. Do you like rock?
5. What's your favorite rock group?
6. What did you do last Sunday?
7. Do you know how to play cards?
8. How did you like our last class?

B)Teacher's answers:
1. It was great.
2. I walked along Paulo Roberto Street.
3. No, my brother and I discover a new restaurant.
4. No, it was 2,000 to -150.
5. Oh, let's not talk about the score.
6. I played cards Saturday night.

C)Teacher's requests:
1. Ask a question using the Simple Past Tense.
2. Ask Livia how her weekend was.
3. Ask Beatriz how she liked her last trip.
4. Ask Igor if enjoyed his weekend.

Paper L.31

A)Teacher's questions:
1.In the lesson, how was the Francos' trip?
2. Did you travel in January? How was your trip?
3. Is Washington a beautiful city?
4. What about João Pessoa? Is João Pessoa a beautiful city?
5. Did the Francos stay at the Ritz?
6. Where did the Francos stay in Washington?
7. Where did the Francos' tour bus stop?
8. Do you usually disturb your father when he's watching TV?

B)Teacher's answers:
1. Yes, he did.
2. No, she didn't.
3. No, it stopped in front of the church.
4. Oh, it was fantastic.
5. They stayed at a motel downtownn.
6. Yes, but I stopped at the White House.
7. No, because they didn't want to disturb her.
8. Yes, Hotel Tambau is very expensive.

C)Teacher's requests:
1. Ask Bia if she liked Lesson 31.
2. Ask Viniciuus if he visited his grandmother this weekend.
3. Ask Luis if he talked to his grandparents yesterday.

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Paper L.30

A)Teacher's questions:
1.How many bedroom are there in your house?
2.Is your bedroom large or small?
3.Was there a blackboard in this classroom last class?
4.How many students were there in the classroom last class?
5.Were there pennants in Charlie's room? What kind of pennants?
6.Is there anything on your bedroom walls?
7.What's your room like?
8.Describe your house.
9.Decribe your mother.

B)Teacher's answers:
1.Yes, there was.
2.There were four bedrooms upstairs.
3.No, there weren't.
4.There weren't many animals there.
5.No, their house in Canada was huge.
6.No, but there was a study downstairs.
7.No, there was a dining room between the living room and the kitchen.
8.My father is thin, tall and is dark-haired.
9. They are farm animals.

C)Teacher's requests:
1.Ask a question using 'was there'
2.Ask a question using 'were there'
3.Ask Bia what her house is like.
4.Ask Vinicius what there is on his bedroom walls.
5.Ask Livia to describe her mother.

Paper L.42 / TN4

A) Teacher's questions:
1. Why do people go to bus terminals?
2. Who was in your house when u]you arrived home yesterday? What was s/he (were they) doing when you arrived?
3. What was I doing when you arrived here (CCAA)?
4. Are you a jealous person?
5. What do you think of jealousy?
6. If a stranger comes over to you and asks you for some information, will you give it to him/her?
7. Which do you think are more attractive, blog]ds, brunettes or redheads?
8. When was the last time you had an interesting chat with a friend? What did you talk about?
9. Do you live alone?
10. Tell a situation where you can say, "Take it easy".

B) Teacher's answers:
1. He was talking to his mother.
2. No, I'm not, bu he is very jealous of me.
3. No, he wasn't. He was with his aunt.
4. In my opinion, redheads are.
5. Yes, I saw her last night.
6. No, he was holding on to Nancy's arm.
7. When Peter saw us, we were playing soccer.

C) Teacher's requests:
1. Ask a question using the past continuous tense.
2. Introduce Abraham to Thais.
3. Ask Vanessa when she last went to the bus terminal.
4. Ask her, she went there.
5. Ask who went with her.

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TN3/ Paper L.28

Paper L.28

A)Teacher's questions:
1-Were you here on Tuesday?
2-Where were you last night?
3-Were your parents home yesterday afternoon?
4-I wasn't at CCAA yesterday. What about you?
5-How do you feel today?
6-What do you generally take when you have a cold?
7-What do you usually do when you feel sick?
8-Do you always tell the truth to your parents?
9-What should you do when you are tired?
10-Can you say "shut up" to your parents?

B)Teacher's answers:
1-Yes, I was.
2-Yes, you were.
3-No, he was at home.
4-Yesterday I was at the shopping mall.
5-No, she wasn't.
6-I was sick.
7-I feel all right.
8-No, he wasn't. He was out of town.
9-I take some vitamins and aspirin.
10-Thank goodness. I'm glad to hear that.

C)Teacher's requests:
1-Ask a question using the verb TO BE in the Simple Past Tense.
2-Ask Livia if she was here yesterday.
3-Ask Beatriz how she feels today.
4-Ask Igor if his mother was sick on Sunday.
5-Ask Luiz what he takes when he has a cold.

TN 4/ L.40

Paper L.40
A)Teacher's questions:
1-Do you have a leather jacket?
2-Is it necessary to wear a jacket today?
3-Do you prefer light or dark colors?
4-Do you prefer to wear long or short T-shirts?
5-Who is older, your father or your mother?
6-Is your shirt older or newer than your pants?
7-Who is the oldest person in your family?
8-Do you use torn clothes?
9-Is my hair much longer than Claudio's hair?
10-Do you think your father is getting old? Why? (write 20 words)

B)Teacher's answers: (3 different questions for 8, 9 and 10)
1-No, it`s much newer.
2-This color is lighter.
3-Yes, I do. In my opinion, Andhre is the craziest boy in the world.
4-I prefer long sleeves.
5-My car is light gray.
6-No, I didn't, but I bought a beige raincoat.
7-No, I'm going to do my exercises later.
8-I lost my watch at school yesterday.
9-I lost my watch at school yesterday.
10-I lost my watch at school yesterday.

C)Teacher's requests:
1-Ask Zeca where an attendant works.
2-Ask Olavo if he prefers dark or light colors.
3-Ask Amanda what the fastest car on the market is.
4-Ask a question using comparative of an adjective of 1 or 2 syllables.
5-Ask a question using superlative of an adjective of 1 or 2 syllables.

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Paper L.27

Paper L.27
A) Teacher’s Questions:
1. Are you going to be in town this weekend?
2. Who is Daniel’s date?
3. Does David have a date?
4. Do you have a date for the movies next Sunday?
5. Are your parents going to be in town or out of town this weekend?
6. Do have many uncles and aunts?
7. Are you your aunt’s favorite nephew (niece)?
8. Is Angelina Jolie pretty?
9. Do you know a stuck-up person?
10. What do you think your mother is doing now? (use must)

B) Teacher’s Answers:
1. She is pretty.
2. Daniel is going to take her to the circus.
3. He probably won’t because she’s stuck-up.
4. Forget it. I have to work.
5. I think they will be in town this weekend.
6. Are you kidding?
7. Are you kidding? She must be very ugly.
8. That’s the Robinsons nephew.
9. Maybe I’ll phone her tonight.

C) Teacher’s Requests:
1. Ask a question using ‘will’.
2. Ask a question using ‘going to’.
3. Ask Vinicius where he’ll take Elayne on Sunday.
4. Ask Igor if he is going to be in town this weekend.
5. Ask Bruna when she is going to phone her boyfriend.

Tn 4/ Paper L.39

Paper L.39
A) Teacher’s Questions:
1. Is San Francisco on the East Coast or on the West Coast of the United States?
2. Who is the most fascinating actor you know?
3. What is the most fascinating book you know?
4. Who is the most beautiful actress you know?
5. Which is more interesting to go to, the movies or the theater?
6. What do you know about the Golden Gate Bridge?
7. What’s the most interesting tourist attraction in João Pessoa?
8. Is it difficult or easy to park in front of CCAA? What about in Shopping Manaira?
9. Is it difficult to park in San Francisco?
10. Do you like seafood? What’s your favorite kind of seafood?

B) Teacher’s Answers:
1. In my opinion, Joao Pessoa is more interesting than Recife.
2. I think oysters are more delicious than crab.
3. Yes, they are, but lobsters are more expensive.
4. It’s the most famous bridge in the world.
5. I think it’s a fascinating city.
6. Robinho is.
7.No, I’m more intelligent than my brother.
8. I parked my car in front of CCAA.
9. Olavo thinks Angelina Jolie is more beautiful than Grazi Massafera.
10. Good? It’s out of this world.

C) Teacher’s Requests:
1. Ask a question using ‘more…than’.
2. Ask a question using ‘the most’.
3. Ask Larissa what her mother’s specialty is.
4. Ask Daniel if it’s difficult to park downtown.
5. Ask Olavo what the most expensive car in Brazil is.

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TN4 Paper L.38

Enjoy your homework!

A)Teacher's questions:
1.What can you say if your brother (or sister)is disturbing you when you're studying?
2.What do we use to lock and unlock doors?
3.When was the last time you stood in a line? Did you stand in that line for a long time or for a few moments?
4.Who bought you this beautiful shirt you are wearing?
5.Is there anything in your pocket?
6.What will you probably do next Sunday? (use perhaps)
7.If you see a person who looks suspicious standing in front of your house, what will you probably do?
8.Do you like to repair things?
9.When did you last call the police?
10.Are there many thieves in your neighborhood?

B)Teacher's answers: (different questions for answers 5,6 and 7)
1.My mother did.
2.Thais is.
3.A doorman does.
4.I call the police.
5.My father repaired the lock yesterday.
6.My father repaired the lock yesterday.
7.My father repaired the lock yesterday.
8.Perhaps I will go to the beach.
9.No, I unlocked the door.
10.We use keys.

C)Teacher's requests:
1.Ask a question using 'who'.
2.Ask a question using the past tense of the verb 'to stand'.
3.Ask a question using the past tense of the verb 'to take'

TN 4 Paper L.37

A)Teacher's questions:
1.Who in the classroom smokes?
2.Do you think the patient from the lesson should quit smoking?
3.What time did you wake up this morning.
4.Do you usually wake up with a stiff neck?
5.Where did you buy the shirt you are wearing?
6.Are there any bus in CCAA classroom?
7.Do you have a lot of tasks to do at home.
8.Is it possible or impossible to swim from Joao Pessoa to Rio?
9.Are you a super student?
10.Are Avioes do Forro songs bad noise?

B)Teacher's answers:
1.It's impossible.
2.There is a bug under my shirt.
3.I woke up with a stiff neck.
4.I will return next week.
5.I heard a lot of noise.
6.No, he is a superbaby
7.He just jumped into the pool.

TN3 Paper L.26

Here is your paper, guys! Enjoy it!

A)Teacher's questions:
1.What does Helen want to be?
2.Who takes care of you when you have a sore throat?
3.Is there a supermarket in your neighborhood?
4.Do you want to be an English teacher when you grow up?
5.What do you want to be when you grow up?
6.What do architects have to know?
7.Do you think you will be a dedicated professional?
8.Where will be Leroy's office?
9.Does your father work in an office?
10.Does your mother like to look at the store windows when she goes to Manaíra Shooping?

B)Teacher's answers:
1.No, I think he'll be a dentist.
2.Maybe I'll be an architect.
3.No, I want to be a doctor like my mom.
4.Yes, they have to know a lot of math.
5.Yes, everybody is here.
6.There's a clinic, a church, two schools.
7.They have to know English.
8.I think she'll be an architect like her dad.
9.She'll probably open a clinic in the neighborhood.
10.Helen wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

C)Teacher's requests:
1.Ask a question using will.
2.Ask Brendha what English teachers have to know.
3.Ask Livia if she wants to be a basketball player like Hortencia.
4.Ask Bruna what she wants to be when she grows up
5.Ask Jorge if he wants to be a dentist like his father.

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Tn3 Paper L.25

Hello, guys! This is your first paper of the semester, ok? It's very small and easy! =D

Copiem e respondam no caderno, não serão aceitos papers impressos. Qualquer dúvida é só me perguntar na aula, certo?
Os próximos papers serão postados neste blog, mas quem quiser que eu os envie por email me avise (na sala ou por email).
See you on Thursday!

Lesson 25
A)Teacher's questions:
1. What is Mars?
2. Is our planet Mars or the Earth?
3. Are the girls on Mars weird?
4. Do you have dance classes?
5. Does your mother always say "Behave yourself" to you?
6. Do you take your pet to the beach?
7. What do you do after school?
8. Do your parents take you to the shopping mall?

B)Teacher's answers:
1. I usually have CCAA classes.
2. It is a planet.
3. Yes, there are.
4. No, he is very weird.
5. OK, Dad. I'm going to stay home and read.
6. I am going to take Rex outside.