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Paper L.14

A. Teacher's questions
1.Do you have any paper?
2.How many English books do you have?
3.Is English easy or difficult?
4.My classes at UFPB begin at 7am. What about your classes here?
5.Who is first at teacher's list?
6.Do you have a car?
7.Are you all right?
8.Are you all set for lesson 19?
9.In the lesson, what is the first word?
10.Is it difficult to spell the word 'Strickland'?

B. Teacher's answers
1.No, I'm reading today's paper.
2.Yes, I have two sheets of paper.
3.Yes, I do. My dog's name is Fox.
4.No, I don't. But I have a sister.
6.My word is 'church'.
7.I'm all right.
8.They begin at 6pm.
9.Sally is the third kid.
10.No, she isn't. She is a terror.

C. Teacher's requests
1.Ask Daniel to spell his second name.
2.Ask Charlie if we are playing a spelling game now.
3.Ask Sally what the kids in the lesson are doing.
4.Ask Jean if Leroy and Doug are all set for the picnic.
5.Ask Helen if Bianca and Brendha have classes today.

That's your paper, all right?
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