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Tn 1 students

Welcome to my blog students! Here is your paper
Lesson 3

A)Teacher's questions
1.What is your phone number?
2.Is Jean Daniel's sister or Charlie's sister?
3.And Alice?
4.Who is Sandy's brother?
5.And who is Leroy?
6.Is your sister fine?
7.Is Ronaldo a soccer player or a basketball player?
8.Is Giba a good volleyball player?
9.Is Carolina Dickman cute?
10.Is your CCAA book new?

B)Teacher's answers:
1.It's 5559264.
2.She is fine, thanks;
3.Yes, he is.
4.No, he is John.
5.She is Carol.
6.She is my friend.
7.Doug is.
8.Yes, he is a great soccer player.
9.She is Daniel's sister.
10.No, she is a great basketball player.

C)Teacher's requests:
1.Ask Virginia a question using "who"
2.Ask Amanda a question using "is this"
3.Ask Brenda a question using "is that"
4.Ask Bianca a question using "is he"
5.Ask Carlos a question using "is she"

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