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Teen 2 - Paper L. 20

Paper Lesson 20
Teacher’s questions:
1. In the lesson, what day is it?
2. In the lesson, is Alice happy?
3. When is Valentine’s Day in Brazil?
4. Do you have a puppy?
5. Does your sister have a watch?
6. Does your mother need a new mixer?
7. Does your brother like to swim?
8. Does your mother like flowers? Does she like roses and tulips?
9. Do you have a garden?
10.Do you usually have good ideas?

Teacher’s answers:
1. Yes, he does.
2. Yes, she does.
3. No he doesn’t. He hates Flamengo.
4. She needs a new watch.
5. Yes, I have two kittens.
6. No, she doesn’t. She hates milk.
7. Yes, she does. She loves flowers.

Teacher’s requests:
1. Ask a question using “to like”.
2. Ask a question using “to need”.
3. Ask Rafaela if her mother likes flowers.
4. Ask Laís if she has a kitten.
5. Ask Raoni if his father needs a new car.

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