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Paper L.42 / TN4

A) Teacher's questions:
1. Why do people go to bus terminals?
2. Who was in your house when u]you arrived home yesterday? What was s/he (were they) doing when you arrived?
3. What was I doing when you arrived here (CCAA)?
4. Are you a jealous person?
5. What do you think of jealousy?
6. If a stranger comes over to you and asks you for some information, will you give it to him/her?
7. Which do you think are more attractive, blog]ds, brunettes or redheads?
8. When was the last time you had an interesting chat with a friend? What did you talk about?
9. Do you live alone?
10. Tell a situation where you can say, "Take it easy".

B) Teacher's answers:
1. He was talking to his mother.
2. No, I'm not, bu he is very jealous of me.
3. No, he wasn't. He was with his aunt.
4. In my opinion, redheads are.
5. Yes, I saw her last night.
6. No, he was holding on to Nancy's arm.
7. When Peter saw us, we were playing soccer.

C) Teacher's requests:
1. Ask a question using the past continuous tense.
2. Introduce Abraham to Thais.
3. Ask Vanessa when she last went to the bus terminal.
4. Ask her, she went there.
5. Ask who went with her.

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