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Paper L.27

Paper L.27
A) Teacher’s Questions:
1. Are you going to be in town this weekend?
2. Who is Daniel’s date?
3. Does David have a date?
4. Do you have a date for the movies next Sunday?
5. Are your parents going to be in town or out of town this weekend?
6. Do have many uncles and aunts?
7. Are you your aunt’s favorite nephew (niece)?
8. Is Angelina Jolie pretty?
9. Do you know a stuck-up person?
10. What do you think your mother is doing now? (use must)

B) Teacher’s Answers:
1. She is pretty.
2. Daniel is going to take her to the circus.
3. He probably won’t because she’s stuck-up.
4. Forget it. I have to work.
5. I think they will be in town this weekend.
6. Are you kidding?
7. Are you kidding? She must be very ugly.
8. That’s the Robinsons nephew.
9. Maybe I’ll phone her tonight.

C) Teacher’s Requests:
1. Ask a question using ‘will’.
2. Ask a question using ‘going to’.
3. Ask Vinicius where he’ll take Elayne on Sunday.
4. Ask Igor if he is going to be in town this weekend.
5. Ask Bruna when she is going to phone her boyfriend.

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