quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2010

TN 4 Paper L.37

A)Teacher's questions:
1.Who in the classroom smokes?
2.Do you think the patient from the lesson should quit smoking?
3.What time did you wake up this morning.
4.Do you usually wake up with a stiff neck?
5.Where did you buy the shirt you are wearing?
6.Are there any bus in CCAA classroom?
7.Do you have a lot of tasks to do at home.
8.Is it possible or impossible to swim from Joao Pessoa to Rio?
9.Are you a super student?
10.Are Avioes do Forro songs bad noise?

B)Teacher's answers:
1.It's impossible.
2.There is a bug under my shirt.
3.I woke up with a stiff neck.
4.I will return next week.
5.I heard a lot of noise.
6.No, he is a superbaby
7.He just jumped into the pool.

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