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TN3/ Paper L.28

Paper L.28

A)Teacher's questions:
1-Were you here on Tuesday?
2-Where were you last night?
3-Were your parents home yesterday afternoon?
4-I wasn't at CCAA yesterday. What about you?
5-How do you feel today?
6-What do you generally take when you have a cold?
7-What do you usually do when you feel sick?
8-Do you always tell the truth to your parents?
9-What should you do when you are tired?
10-Can you say "shut up" to your parents?

B)Teacher's answers:
1-Yes, I was.
2-Yes, you were.
3-No, he was at home.
4-Yesterday I was at the shopping mall.
5-No, she wasn't.
6-I was sick.
7-I feel all right.
8-No, he wasn't. He was out of town.
9-I take some vitamins and aspirin.
10-Thank goodness. I'm glad to hear that.

C)Teacher's requests:
1-Ask a question using the verb TO BE in the Simple Past Tense.
2-Ask Livia if she was here yesterday.
3-Ask Beatriz how she feels today.
4-Ask Igor if his mother was sick on Sunday.
5-Ask Luiz what he takes when he has a cold.

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